Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland

Our Story

Welcome to the former City Hall of Rovaniemi

Almost 90 % of the Rovaniemi city surface, including the former city hall, was destroyed in October 1944 during the Second World War. The City needed to be rebuilt and local architect Ferdinand Salokangas was tasked to design the New City Hall for the City of Rovaniemi. The doors of the new functionalist style city hall were first opened in 1949.

The City council moved to a new building in 1988 and the old building was left unused. Local Hotel entrepreneur Mikael Gröhn saw the value of the building and converted it into apartments and commercial spaces in 2004. During summer 2013 Mikael Gröhn had an idea to renovate the building again and this time into a modern and high quality boutique hotel.

Plans proceeded quickly. The designing assignment of the new hotel was given to leading hotel and restaurant architect in Finland, Mr. Jaakko Puro. All the rooms and areas were to be spacious and designed with personality as well as high quality.

Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland
Detail at Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland
Facade at Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland
Elevator of Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland

The creation of the city hall was one of the main projects of Ferdinand Salokangas. The building is protected and a lot of details have been saved and restored over the years. The city council room includes rare Paavo Tynell lighting fixtures and beautiful wood inlay doors. Other historical elements in the building include the reindeer staircase railing, vintage elevator and the famous starred balconies which light up our facade in the evening. 

Now we are proud to show our work and welcome to enjoy your stay in the Arctic Light Hotel.