Gym & Wellness

Discover a holistic wellness experience with us. Recharge at our 24/7 gym, immerse in Finnish tradition with a private sauna session, enjoy the purity of Lapland's air and water and treat your body to a rejuvenating massage. Your well-being journey starts here.

Energize at the Gym

Fuel your vitality at our 24/7 gym, accessible with your room key card. Our compact gym boasts a treadmill, exercise bike, versatile weighted equipment, dumbbells and gym mats.

Embrace the Sauna Tradition

Experience the heart of Finnish culture through our rejuvenating sauna. Unwind alone or with loved ones, immersing in the soothing warmth, scents, and ambiance. Enjoy a complimentary 30-minute private sauna session in our guest sauna, accommodating up to 5 people. For a more extended relaxation, consider reserving our Polar room with a sauna for your stay.

Nature's Wellness

Experience Finland's untouched beauty—breathe the world's purest air, as endorsed by the World Health Organization, and enjoy Lapland's pristine drinking water, free from additives. In Lapland, our water is so clean that it requires minimal processing and no added chemicals. Thus, our tap water not only tastes great but is also cleaner than bottled water from the stores. Contribute to sustainability by choosing tap water and reducing plastic waste.

Pamper Yourself With a Massage

Reward your body with a revitalizing massage, an exquisite treat for well-deserved relaxation. Let us know your desired time and massage duration, and we'll coordinate with our team of freelance massage therapists for availability.

Massage menu: 

  • Head massage / 25 min – 70,00€
  • Half massage / 45 min – 99,00€ 
  • Half massage / 60 min – 119,00€
  • Full body massage / 90 min – 139,00€


Bookings: or +358 20 1710 100. 

Elevate Your Wellness Journey

Yearning for a wellness-themed start? Elevate your stay by adding our Wellness or Calming treat package, with a delightful surprise gift awaiting in your room upon arrival.

Add them to your shopping cart when making a booking, or contact our Front Desk: for more information and bookings.