Add a touch of romance to your stay with the following enhancements. Click them to your shopping cart when making a booking, or contact our Front Desk: 

Romantic Packages (Pre-booking required)

Treat Yourself to In-Bed Breakfast

Experience the joy of breakfast in bed, wrapped in comfort. Enjoy our delightful room service breakfast for extra coziness, available for only 20€ (1-2 persons). Begin your day smoothly by ordering at the Front Desk by 10 pm the night before.

Give the Gift of a Romantic Escape

Looking for the perfect romantic gift? Visit our Gift Card shop to offer a romantic hotel night or choose our Date Night package, which includes a lovely dinner for two in our Arctic Restaurant.

Customized for You

Let us create a private retreat that reflects your wishes. The Front Desk team is ready to design a special romantic getaway just for you. Contact us at for personalized details and arrangements.